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  • 2018.03.07 Wednesday
  • 20:19

EMR Communications Team

JAKARTA - Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ignasius Jonan confirmed the implementation of the 35,000 MW electricity project is still in accordance with the established targets. Approximately 20,000 MW will be operated on 2019, the rest will be in 2024-2025.

Jonan said this in a press statement at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources on Tuesday (6/3). On that occasion Jonan was accompanied by Director General of Electricity Andy N Sommeng and President Director of PT PLN (Persero) Sofyan Basir.


Jonan is aware of the high public expectations of the program. But he cautioned that building large-scale power plants could not be completed in a short time. The national strategic project takes about three years to operate from the construction period.


Since it was launched in mid-2015, the total already Commercial Date Operation (COD) or already operating reached 1,362 MW.


Beyond that, a total of 17,116 MW is already in construction and most of the others have contracted and a fraction or 13% in the procurement / planning phase.


"The construction is still in progress, no problem," Jonan pressed.

Jonan is optimistic that by 2019 the total power plant of 20,000 MW will be in operation.

"The additional capacity is enough to answer the increasing demand for electricity in 2019," said Jonan.


The reason for Jonan, the 35,000 MW program must be completed by 2019 is made with the assumption of national economic growth above 7 percent. Whereas the realization of economic growth in recent years and the next few years is estimated at about 5 percent, so that the additional increase in electricity demand until 2019 is around 20,000 MW. The rest will operate in the year 2024-2025, along with the growth of electricity needs until that year.


President Director of PT PLN Sofyan Basir revealed, the total progress of 35,000 MW project development has reached 30 to 40 percent. "If asked 35,000 MW has been completed in two years I must lie, but if you talk the progress development, already as planned, 30 to 40 percent," said Sofyan.


Sofyan detailed the estimated period of construction of the plant. For hydroelectric power (PLTA) takes 5-6 years, geothermal (PLTP) can be 5-6 years, power plant above 600 MW reaches 6 years, and below 600 MW and 300 MW takes 3 years. "The faster (generators) is gas can be 8 months to 1 year," said Sofyan.


One proof of progress is the construction of Java 7 Power Plant, steam (PLTU)Java 9,  steam(PLTU) Java 10 with a total capacity of 4,000 MW which was officially inaugurated President  Jokowi on October 5, 2017. In addition, there is still steam (PLTU) Java I in CIlacap the progress  already reached 37 percent.


In addition to the 35,000 MW program, the government is also completing the 7,000 MW project as a continuation of Fast Track Program (FTP) I, FTP II and Regular. As of January 2018, a total of 6,424 MW or 82 percent were already able to operate, and only 1,407 MW or 18 percent are still in construction. (NA)





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