EBT Development Opportunities Very Large, EMR Launches Business Unit Handles EBT Thursday, April 12, 2018

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SURABAYA - The government remains committed to achieving a 23 percent energy mix from New and Renewable Energy (EBT) for electricity and transportation in 2025. Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Ignatius Jonan said that efforts to achieve the energy mix will be done as much as possible. "The commitment of the Government to keep reaching the energy mix or the 23% energy mix for electricity and transportation in 2025 will still be implemented as much as we can," he stated at the Launch of Public Service Agency of the Center for Human Resource Development (PPSDM) Electricity, New Energy, Renewable , and Energy Conservation (KEBTKE) in Surabaya on Thursday (12/4).

Jonan also asked the Public Service Agency  ,Human Resources Development Center  , Electricity, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (BLU PPSDM KEBTKE) to encourage people and industries to be aware of the importance of energy mix. "I have asked the BLU PPSDM KEBTKE to help also the industrial and community sectors to, at least, realize that the energy mix is ​​important.President Joko Widodo has signed a commitment on climate change in Paris (COP 21), December 2015, and that commitment keep the road, we keep the energy mix fixed 23%, said Jonan.


But Jonan doesn’t deny that the business has a challenge, namely in terms of tariffs, not technology. "The challenge is one, the challenge is not technology. For a country where the ratio is still 0.39 or the disparity is still big, this is the challenge is about the tariff, so if we say must be 23% at any tariff, I think not but if we apply the 5th precept of Pancasila, Social Justice for the People of Indonesia, we will try to reach affordable electricity tariff, " Jonan said.


In addition, the ESDM Ministry also encourages the development of EBT plants in accordance with their respective regional potentials to encourage the utilization of EBT. "We will try to encourage the EBT to be in accordance with their respective regions, so the National Energy Council (DEN) will also go to the provinces to make the Regional General Plan of Energy (RUED), so that it will also encourage the use of EBT If many rivers make PLTA or PLTMH.If for example the radiation of the sun is good, it uses the PLTS, or if the wind is strong make the power of bayu.There is also a spirit of developing (power plant) ocean currents in Larantuka, I also have been there.Yes I say, yes, support, but the tariff should be reasonable, because it is sold to the public, "said Jonan.


Jonan also said that the opportunity to do business in the EBT sector is very broad, considering the target to be achieved by the Government is very big. "If in terms of business this opportunity is very big, if 2025 is 23%, count 20% only, 2025 is the installed electrical capacity of approximately 90,000 MW, if multiplied 20% 18.000 MW. Huge capacity.If build 5 Mini Hydro Power plant  it could be how much we will get , it very big. Solar power too, this is a big business opportunity. As long as it is just beginning to try a good penetration, and we are in business, the business must have empathy of nationality taste, "concluded Jonan.


On the occasion, Jonan also witnessed the Signing of Cooperation Agreement and Transfer of Cooperation Commitment Bundle between BLU PPSDM KEBTKE and Business Entity to increase the chance of achieving revenue plan at BLU PPSDM KEBTKE in accordance with the business strategy plan. The signing of Cooperation Agreement is done by Head of PPSDM KEBTKE Umi Asngadah with:


1. PT Geo Dipa Energi (Persero)

2. PT Pembangkitan Jawa Bali

3. Technical High School of PLN

4. PT Pembangunan Perumahan

5. PT Certification of Electricity of Indonesia

6. PT Optima Technology Indonesia

7. PT Leskatmelin


9. Lisan Nusantara Satu

10. Association of Expert Generators

11. PT Official Certification of Hope

12. PT Pertamina Corporate University (Kay)




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