35% Production Costs for Fuel, Industry Players: Use Gas More Save Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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BOGOR - The use of gas for the ceramics industry is nothing new thing. Large amounts of fuel are needed for the ceramic industry to burn in the early process of making ceramics. Gas use becomes the industry's preferred choice compared to other fuels because the supply is steady and the pressure is stable.

Disclosed by Bambang Wijonarso, Manufacturing Cileungsi Manager of PT Keramika Indonesia Asossiasi, Tbk (PT KIA), fuel is the largest component of the variable cost spent every month from this ceramic industry. "The use of gas is one of the most important components, because the ceramic must be burned and it needs gas, the main production cost is from gas approximately 35%, mainly from supply, supply quality and gas pressure", Bambang told the team www.esdm.go.id when met in his work place in Bogor (18/4).


The State Gas Company (PGN) as a provider of natural gas through pipelines to PT KIA has also claimed that gas usage for this industry can reduce production costs by up to 40 percent from fuel consumption savings. In order for industries, especially small and medium scale able to have competitiveness, fuel efficiency becomes a demand.


Bambang admitted, after using this gas in addition to the cheaper price than other fuels, the higher the productivity, the gas used is also environmentally friendly.


"The advantages of gas from other fuels such as speed dryer process we can use diesel and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) can be but very expensive, therefore gas becomes an option, cheaper than diesel and CNG," said Bambang.

Bambang said, PT KIA has used gas from 1982, where previously used the residue (bottom oil). "Can also use coal, in Indonesia coal can be cheap there is no high calorie, because it has been exported.However, for the environment of risk factors are also high, safety is also high, for residue is not updated for now, low productivity, environment is not good" he explained.


On average within a month, PT KIA consumes up to 1,900,000 cubic meters of gas derived from Narogong's offtake gas pipeline with a pressure of 17-19 bar. "The bill is Rp 4 to 6 billion per month, the use depends on marketing, if the request is big so we will produce many," continued Bambang.


The process of making ceramics need several stages so as to produce a good ceramic products. "The concept of making ceramics starting from low temperatures until rising and then down again, all combustion using gas, production is quite fast that is 27 hours from raw materials to finished materials, very fast when the production of ceramics with natural conditions of hundreds of years, China technology 2 weeks being ceramic, and tunell killen 3 days, "closed Bambang ended the conversation. (KO)kay




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