The 110th National Awakening Day: Unity is "Fuel" of Independence Monday, May 21, 2018 59

  • 2018.05.21 Monday
  • 16:31


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JAKARTA - Being an independent nation requires sacrifice and a long process. Unity is the key word of the Indonesian nation to independence from colonialism, as exemplified by the youth organization of Boedi Oetomo who gathered and organized without seeing the primordial origins, and ultimately could encourage the growing spirit of nationalism which became the main fuel of independence.

"When people take the initiative to fight for independence by forming various associations, more than a century ago, we have almost nothing. We only have a spirit in the soul and the readiness of risking lives, but history then proves that the spirit and commitment alone are enough , as long as we are united in the same ideals to achieve the nation's independence, "said Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ego Syahrial, who acted as the 110th National Awakening Day Ceremony at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources on Monday (21 / 5).


"Unite, is the key word when we want to reach very noble ideals," added the Ego.

Boedi Oetomo continued Ego, has given an example of how to gather and organize without seeing the origin of primordial could finally encourage the growth of nationalism spirit that became the main fuel of independence. Boedi Oetomo became one of the main markers that the Indonesian people for the first time realized the importance of unity and unity.


The predecessors who gathered in organizations like Boedi Oetomo gave the best for the nation through the organization. Not primarily by giving away treasure or weapons, but with a full body-soul commitment. With all the limited facilities and infrastructure at that time, they continue to live the fire of nationalism within each of them.


More than a century later, this nation has grown into a great and developed nation, parallel to the other nations. Although not yet fully perfect, the people have enjoyed the results of the heroes struggle in the form of increased economy, health, education, and so forth. Sweat and blood of the nation's predecessors have been transformed into a carpet of comfortable life in the net of independence.


The importance of unity and the fragmentation of disunity illustrated Bung Karno with a broomstick. The unity of the nation is like a broomstick. If not tied, then the stick will be scattered, useless and easily broken.


The image of broom stick is according to Ego, actual in the present time. "We feel that there are forces that are trying to stretch our broomsticks together, we are fed with the seditions that make us fight and unknowingly slicing the ties that have been decades unifying all those differences," Ego explained.


"This is a very decisive moment for us.This is an era that requires us not to waste our time to catch up with other nations.The current momentum demands us not to waste energy to fight and focus more on human education and development Indonesia, "concluded Ego.


The 110th National Awakening Ceremony Commemorating the theme of HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT STRENGTHENING INDONESIAN NATIONAL RESILIENCE DEVELOPMENT IN DIGITAL ERA "in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources today is centered in the Secretariat General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Building and attended by all Officials and Employees of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

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