EBT Generators Present, 2,710 Household in West Sumatra now can enjoy electricity Friday, May 25, 2018

  • 2018.05.25 Friday
  • 15:39


 EMR Communications Team


AGAM - Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Arcandra Tahar on Thursday (24/5) inaugurated 20 New Renewable Energy Power Plant (PLT EBT) consisting of 17 Integrated Solar Power Plants (PLTS) and 3 Power Plant Electric Power Micro Hydro (PLTMH) spread in 5 districts / cities in the province of West Sumatra. This inauguration increased the electricity capacity in West Sumatera by 955 kilo Watt (kW) which run electricity for 2,710 Head of Family (KK).



When met at the inauguration location centered in Agam District, Arcandra explained, the development of EBT in a region must be adjusted to the most qualified potential in the area.


"Renewable energy is local wisdom, what is the most efficient enabling energy developed in an area, which one is  geothermal, there are also hydropower, we have many Minihydro Power,and also we have many rivers , can be below 1 MW that can also be developed ", said Arcandra.


Arcandra said, with the addition of this capacity he hopes that the power plant inaugurated can encourage productive activities that can improve the welfare of the community and become a reference of other Renewable Power Plant investors to build electrical energy in West Sumatra Province. By the end of 2017, West Sumatra Province Electrification Ratio was recorded at 89.15%.


EBT power plant which is inaugurated is the result of ESDM Ministry activity in Fiscal Year 2016 - 2017 with total asset value of Rp 57 Billion, with details as follows:


a. Pasaman Regency: 2 units of Minihydro Power Plant (PLTMH)  with total capacity of 125 kW which is electrified 277 HH;

b. Regency of West Pasaman: 1 Unit of Minihydro Power Plant (PLTMH) with capacity of 50 kW which is electrified 155 HH;

c. Mentawai Islands District: 15 Units Centralized Solar Power Plants (PLTS) with total capacity of 700 kW which is electrified 2,033 families;

d. Solok Regency: 1 Unit of Minihydro Power Plant (PLTMH)   with capacity of 50 kW which is electrified 163 HH;

e. Regency of South Solok: 1 Unit of Centralized Solar Power Plants (PLTS)  with capacity of 30 kW which is electrified 82 KK.


Ministry of ESDM through Directorate General of EBTKE during 2011 - 2017 has implemented infrastructure development of not less than 700 units, which more than half of them are renewable energy power plant. The development of EBT infrastructure is aimed at communities in 4T areas that are remote, under develop, front and outermost which are very difficult to reach by PLN and economically unprofitable.

(Author: Dian Eka Puspitasari)k