Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Cooperate with Public Relation Ministry / Institution Socialize Policy of Fuel Price and LPG Sunday, July 8, 2018 289

  • 2018.07.10 Tuesday
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EMR Communications Team


JAKARTA - The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) continues to educate the public that the fuel oil (BBM) intended for the people (Premium, Pertalite, Solar and Kerosene) is fixed and does not increase. One of the efforts made is through Tematik  Bakohumas  Forum which was held in Bogor, 4 - 6 July 2018 ago.

"The types of fuel that have risen in the beginning of July are General and non-subsidized fuel .Based on the Ministerial Decree No. 34 of 2018 paragraph (3) that the retail price of fuel oil (BBM )Type General is determined by the Business Entity and must be reported to the Minister .While the base price and price (Premium) is assigned by the Minister ", explains Yuli Rachwati, Director of Oil and Gas Downstream Business Development, Directorate General of Oil and Gas at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.


Described by Yuli,fule oil ( BBM) is experiencing an increase is general type fuel Pertamax, Pertamax Turbo, Pertamina Dex, and Dexlite whose price determination is the realm of business entities. "Pertalite is also the type of general Fuel, but the price we ask to be arrested because most people have been consuming this type of fuel," he said.


"People are now smart to choose a good fuel for the engine, even in some places that provide Premium, many residents queued to buy Pertalite and Pertamax," continued Yuli.


In addition,she continued, the determination of fuel prices is also influenced by two factors, namely internal and external. Internal factors include Presidential Regulation no. 43 of 2018, Taxes, Environmental Policy, and Logistics and Infrastructure. External factors include Global Demand, OPEC, and Currency Fluctuations.


"Both internal and external factors influence both fuel price determination, for example, Motor Vehicle Tax (PBBKB) which differs from region to region causing different fuel prices", Yuli explained.


In addition to explaining the materials related to fuel price policy, participants were also given exposure on LPG pricing policy. Based on ESDM Regulation No. Law No. 26 Year 2009 on the Provision and Distribution of LPG in Article 24 paragraph (4) explained that Provincial Government with Regency / Municipal Government may stipulate Specific LPG Price for Certain LPG Users at the delivery point of certain Sub-LPG Distributors by taking into account local conditions, purchasing power communities, and reasonable margins as well as facilities and facilities for the supply and distribution of LPG.


The Coordinating Board of Public Relations (Bakohumas) Tematik  Forum of the ESDM Ministry

The Coordinating  Agency  for Public Relation (Bakohumas) is a forum for communication between public relations ministries / government agencies for the delivery of information / issues that need to be submitted to the public. This form of information delivery through forums of meetings with the officer  of public relations. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in cooperation with the Coordinating Board of Public Relations (Bakohumas) Ministry of Communications and Informatics since 2014 has held three times The Bakohumas Tematik Forum of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and in this year the Thematic Forum Bakohumas Ministry of ESDM raised the theme "Policy on Supply and Price of Fuel (BBM ) and National Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) ".


Submission of appropriate information to the public regarding the mechanism of fuel price determination is needed to create understanding synergies among Ministries / Agencies. Through this forum, participants are expected to be able to educate the public about the role of government (Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources) in the policy of supplying and fuel prices.


The forum was opened by the Secretary of Bakohumas, Helmi Malik Bou. The speakers present in this forum are:


a. Yuli Rachwati (Director of Oil and Gas Downstream Business Development Directorate General of Oil and Gas), delivered material on the Policy of Subsidized Prices and Distribution of BBM, and National LPG;


b. Adiatma Sardjito as Vice President of Corporate Communications of PT Pertamina (Persero) describing Pertamina Strategy and Challenges in the Provision of BBM and National LPG; and


c. Sophan Sophian - VP Strategic Planning of PT PGN Tbk. which provides exposure related to the Role and Strategy of PT PGN in the Provision of National Gas (including Gas Network).


In addition to the exposure and discussion sessions, the participants also made a visit to the PT. PGN Area Bogor and Gas Fuel Filling Station (SPBG) in Bogor Region, as part of the Government's effort in providing clean and environmentally friendly energy.

Author: Wenty Artyanti . (k)