Fuel and Oil (BBM) One Price, New Hope Wawonii Island Tuesday, July 24 2018

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KAWAWE KADULAUAN - A happy face reflected clearly on Kalvin's face, radiating the warmth and hospitality typical of the heart-shaped Wawonii Island, an island 4 hours drive from Kendari harbor, Southeast Sulawesi. Now he does not need to feel anxious again run out of fuel oil (BBM) in the middle of the road. The presence of a supplier of Fuel and Oil (BBM) One Price in the form of Gas Station (SPBU) Kompak in District West Wawonii, Konawe Islands District, a new hope of the surrounding community.


Kompak gas station is a new spirit for the community, before people have to rely on retail traders with uncertain price and availability. To get a liter of fuel (Premium / Pertalite), the public must pay Rp 10,000. Although people pay fuel more than they should, it does not guarantee availability when it is needed. This is because retail merchants Fuel and Oil (BBM) in Wawonii Island still depend on the stock of fuel from Kendari, plus transportation access that must be alternated.


"Before the inauguration of this channeling agency, we got fuel from retail merchants.For many times it was difficult to get gasoline, we hope with this channeling agency can help us the community," said Kalvin to www.esdm.go.id when met Friday (20 / 7).


Konawe District The 1,514 km2 islands, divided into 7 sub-districts, are inhabited by about 29,164 people, and must rely on retailers to meet fuel needs. The government through the BBM Satu Price program seeks to attend to answer the needs of the community.


"Hopefully in the future, not only at this point will be built channeling institute, the island is quite wide, it should be built other channeling institutions. That will facilitate Konawe Islands community to move," added Kalvin.


Meanwhile, Cecep Trisnajayadi as Regional Secretary of Konawe Islands Regency expressed the happiness of West Wawonii residents for the presence of Fuel and Oil (BBM) One Price. "Citizens welcome the establishment of gas stations here so that people can enjoy Premium fuel with the same in other areas with the price of Rp 6.450 / liter and Solar worth Rp 5.150 / liter.Now people can reduce the speculation of price increases and fuel shortages in Konawe Islands" said Cecep.


He hopes, the existence of gas stations Kompak is expected to encourage economic growth in Konawe Islands District. "The price of fuel here before is much higher than the price set by the Government, which previously bought the average retail gasoline for Rp 10,000.It is a form of independence from Konawe Islands community from the shackles of high fuel prices," he said.


Based on the BBM One Price Road map of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), there are 73 channeling points that will be operational by 2018. Until the second quarter, 10 distributing agencies have been operating with details of 6 have been opened and 4 have not been officially opened. (k)

Author: Yustinus Agyl K








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