Vice President of RI, Jusuf Kalla Visit Poso Hydropower Project Thursday, July 26, 2018

  • 2018.07.26 Thursday
  • 18:36


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POSO - Vice President Jusuf Kalla visit Poso Peaker Hydroelectric Power Project in Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi Province on Wednesday (25/7), accompanied by several leaders of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.


PLTA Poso is an Independent Power Producers (IPP) power plant developed by PT Poso Energy. This project is a combination of existing Poso hydroelectric power plant with 3x65 MW capacity which has been operating since 2012, Hydro Power Plant (PLTA ) Poso Extension phase 1 with capacity 4x30 MW and Hydro Power Plant (PLTA )Poso Extension phase 2 with capacity 4x50 MW.


The three power plants are planned as a peaker plant with a total capacity of 515 MW. This peaker power plant will be operated during peak load time of 17.00 s.d 22.00, with Exclusive Commited Energy of 1,669 GWh per year.


The 515 MW  POSO Hydro Power Plant (PLTA ) will be used as a power plant for power plants running at high electricity demand, this is supported by several factors, including having a large Live Storage namely  Poso Lake, having  operates at full capacity during peak hours throughout the year, transmission lines are already connected in South, Central and West Sulawesi, capable of  fast start-stop (synchronization of less than 15 minutes) and the plant is able to respond to rapid load changes, improving electrical quality on a network system.


The entire project is targeted for completion of phased and commercial operations in 2021 with a selling price of 8,400 cUS $ / kWh. Estimated total investment of PLTA Poso project amounted to 820.1 million US $ with 30 year contract period through Build, Own, Operate, Transfer (BOOT) mechanism. The total workforce of this project amounted to 1,087 people from within the country, with details of 987 people from Bukaka Teknik Utama as the main contractor and 100 people from sub contractors.


Overall the entry of Hydro Power Plant (PLTA )Poso can lower BPP (South side Sulawesi) Sulbagsel System Generation when compared with other peak generator development which has higher generation cost.


"We (the government) hope that the development of Hydro Power Plant (PLTA ) Poso becomes part of the realization of EBT development as set out in Business Plan for Power Supply (RPTUL) PT PLN Persero 2018 until 2027. In addition, this becomes one of the real examples of EBT development projects that have been signed in 2017 and running contract construction process, "said Director General of New Energy, Renewable Energy and Conservation, Rida Mulyana who also attended the review of Hydro Power Plant (PLTA ) Poso. Also attending the review were the Director General of Electricity, Andy N Sommeng and Secretary General of the National Energy Board (DEN), Saleh Abdurrahman. (RWS) k






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