Form of Synergy, Public Service Agency (BLU) Research and Development of Electricity Technology, New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (Puslitbangtek KEBTKE) Ready to Run Feasibility Study and Basic Engineering Design of Renewable Energy Power Pla

  • 2018.09.06 Thursday
  • 00:36

JAKARTA - Directorate General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (DG EBTKE) and Energy and Mineral Resources Research and Development Agency (Balitbang ESDM) officially carry out cooperation in the procurement of goods / services through self-management with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Secretary of the Directorate General of EBTKE and Head of the Center for Research and Development of Electricity Technology, New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (Puslitbangtek KEBTKE) today Tuesday (4/9).


This Memorandum of Understanding is the initial step in the framework of mutually beneficial cooperation efforts by utilizing the potential, expertise and facilities of each party in new, renewable energy and energy conservation activities.


The ESDM Research and Development Agency, especially the Research and Development Center KEBTKE, is a government agency that has technological capabilities and expertise as well as human resources in technology engineering, assessment and survey as well as services in the fields of electricity, new energy, renewable energy conservation. The KEBTKE Research and Technology Center has officially become a Public Service Agency (BLU) in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Finance, so that it can carry out work with the Swakelola Type II mechanism.


The Directorate General of EBTKE through the Budget User Proxy has offered 23 (twenty three) work packages to be implemented through self-management to BLU Puslitbangtek KEBTKE with a total budget value of Rp. 23.4 billion, consisting of 22 (twenty two) consultancy services work packages and 1 (one) construction service work package. BLU Puslitbangtek KEBTKE states its ability to be able to carry out 22 (twenty two) packages of consultancy services with consideration of time constraints for development.


The scope of work agreed upon was to conduct a feasibility study and Detail Engineering Design Biogas, rooftop Solar Power Plant (PLTS), Centralized PLTS, and Retrofit LED Lights, as well as conduct feasibility studies and Basic Engineering Design of Microhydro Power Plants (PLTMH).


The Directorate General of EBTKE hopes that the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding can support the implementation of physical activities for the utilization of EBTKE which is intended for people in the 4T region, namely the frontier, outermost, backward and isolated regions, as the President of Nawa Cita. (k)