The presence of Energy Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) is expected to push the economic wheel of Boven Digoel Papua Friday, December 14, 2018

  • 2018.12.17 Monday
  • 18:45


| EBTKE Public Relations


BOVEN DIGOEL - The presence of solar lights in Boven Digoel Regency of Papua is expected not only to illuminate the countryside in the district but also to drive the economy for the local population.



"We are very happy that the Energy Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) program provides benefits to the people of Boven Digoel, this is a manifestation of the Government's efforts to focus on developing Indonesia from the periphery by strengthening the regions and villages in the framework of unity, as Nawa Cita President , said Director of Energy Conservation, Haryanto. Who present at Tanah Merah, Boven Digoel Regency, Thursday (13/12) and symbolically handed over the Energy Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) unit to representatives of the Boven Digoel District Government, Rufus Burok, and then it will be forwarded to representatives of each District.


Installation of LTSHE in Boven Digoel Regency in 2018 is allocated as many as 601 units spread across 7 Districts, namely Kia, Sesnuk, Firiwage, Manggelum, Kawagit, Kombay and Ambatkwi Districts. "All lights have been installed, and please maintain and take care, hopefully it can support and motivate the community to grow the economy, so that the economic activities of the people of Boven Digoel run well and improve", said Haryanto. Furthermore, the LTSHE Program is a real Government program to encourage electrification ratios in areas that have not been reached by electricity from PLN.


The Energy Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE)  program was started in 2017, and has been implemented in 5 provinces (Maluku, NTB, Riau, Papua and West Papua), with the achievement of the number of installed LTSHE units around 79,556 units, spread over 1,208 villages. In 2018, the LTSHE program will be implemented in 16 provinces, with the number of Energy Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) units around 173,208 units, with a total budget of 600 billion. Until now, the installed Energy Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) is 167,215 units or around 97%. In 2019, the Energy Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE)  program is planned to install 98,481 units in 27 provinces. (sk)