Not Only Light Up Houses, Solar Lights Help Banggai Laut Fishermen Increase Fish Catches Wednesday, December 19, 2018

  • 2018.12.20 Thursday
  • 17:35

| Public Relations EBTKE |



BANGGAI LAUT - More than two hundred remote village heads in Banggai Laut District, Central Sulawesi, have finally been able to enjoy a bright night since the arrival of Energy-Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE), which embodies the Nawacita Program.


Total Energy-Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) is installed in Banggai Laut Regency, which is 268 units, spread in 3 Villages, 98 units for Nggasuang Village, 30 units for Minanga Village and 140 units for Paisu Bebe Village, all located in Bokan Island District.


"This lamp can be used for lighting even to charge cellphone batteries. Please keep this Energy-Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE), if there is a problem, there is a three-years guarantee so it can be resolved immediately," said Director of New Energy and Renewable Energy, Directorate General of New Energy, Renewable, and Energy Conservation (EBTKE), Harris, during a visit to Paisu Bebe Village on Wednesday (19/12).


To get to Paisu Bebe Village, you have to take a distance of 8 to 9 hours from Luwuk Port to Banggai Laut Port by using a ferry-like boat. After that, proceed with a double engine speed boat for 2 to 3 hours to get to Paisu Bebe Village. Most of Paisu Bebe's people's livelihoods are fishermen, the rest are coconut or clove farmers.


"Residents here do not live in the dark anymore if night comes, children can learn also when it is night, if the road to the mosque is not difficult, no need for a flashlight," said the Village Head Paisu Bebe, Ismail M. Icanring . Ismail revealed before there was Energy-Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE), residents used generators for lighting but electricity could only light up a few hours at night. "Since there is an Energy-Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) every house continues to be bright from afternoon to morning," he said.


"In the evening, the lights we brought to catch fish, the light is brighter than lanterns, and no more costs to buy oil for lanterns," added Lusrin Patanduk, who is also a resident of Paisu Bebe Village. This certainly helps increase catches and costs are more efficient.

Meanwhile in Basapa Hamlet, all 30 families are on their own island and previously only relied on candles and lanterns at some points.

"Before there was Energy-Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE),  there was no one light  from the hamlet, so people thought it was an uninhabited island. Now when night falls, the people of Basapa are happy because their hamlet is bright and visible from the sea," said Yanto, Head Section of  Ground Water and Energy  Branch ESDM Central Sulawesi Region 4 Office, which is a member of delivery team  of the Energy-Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) to the receiver  location of the Energy-Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) Banggai Laut Regency.

Representing the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Harris hopes that the Energy-Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) which is indeed distributed to people in villages that are completely dark and isolated can enjoy the same rights, is getting information especially on the night. "This is the Government's effort to pay attention to people in remote areas, including remote islands that have not been touched by electricity. Hopefully it can provide as much as possible to the welfare of all Banggai Laut people who receive Energy-Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) ," Harris concluded.

Installation of Energy-Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) in Banggai Laut Regency is a proposal from the Regency Government initiated by the Government of Central Sulawesi Province. The installed Energy-Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) will be managed and maintained by the Energy-Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) recipient community and the Banggai Laut Regency Government. Installation of Energy-Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) in Banggai Laut Regency is now fully installed. (sk)