Directorate General EBTKE Holds Geothermal of Work Safety and Health and Environmental Protection (K3LL) Management Meeting Thursday, December 20, 2018

  • 2018.12.21 Friday
  • 20:01


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JAKARTA - Geothermal Director, Ida Nuryatin Finahari, as Head of Geothermal Inspector (KAIP) officially opened the Technical Meeting of the Head of Geothermal Engineering (KTPB) and Implementation Assignment Preliminary Survey and Exploration (PSPE), which was attended by all representatives on Thursday (20 / 12) at the Grand Mercure Hotel Kemayoran, Jakarta.


Ida said that this technical meeting was an opportunity to equalize perceptions of aspects of management of Work Safety and Health and Environmental Protection (K3LL), considering that geothermal exploitation is an activity that has high risk, uses high technology, and requires a large investment.


"I hope that the KTPB and PSPE Implementers will increase their awareness of the application of of Work Safety and Health and Environmental Protection (K3LL) aspects.


Accident statistics that occur in geothermal exploitation, show that most accidents are experienced by contractors / subcontractors, therefore KTPB and PSP implementers are to further improve supervision of the compliance of all contractors / subcontractors in implementing the rules and regulations on geothermal Work Safety and Health and Environmental Protection (K3LL), " concluded Ida.

At this meeting, the signing of the Minutes of Agreement between KAIP, KTPB, and the Implementer  PSPE was held which contained:


1. Criteria for geothermal accidents;

2. Categories of injuries due to accidents or dangerous cases ;

3. Elimination of mine road assignments;

4. Control of hazards to workers who work in extreme conditions.


This agreement will be a guideline for KTPB and the implementers  PSPE especially in the implementation of critical geothermal activities.


In addition, in this meeting, there was a sharing session which presented  Deputy KTPB  Supreme Energy's Muara Laboh on the topic of Management of Social Issues at the Muaralaboh Geothermal Power Plant Project and KTPB Sorik Merapi   Geothermal  Power on the topic of Fatality Accident at Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Plant Project. Through this sharing session, it is expected that KTPB and PSPE implementers will get important learning to be applied in their respective regions.


The technical meetings that were held provided many benefits such as equalizing perceptions, learning, agreement on implementation guidelines, communication media, etc. so that in the future this technical meeting could be planned to be held regularly every quarter. (sk)