Energy Saving Solar Lamps (LTSHE), The Most Beautiful Gift for Inlahai on Mother's Day Monday, December 24, 2018

  • 2018.12.26 Wednesday
  • 23:15


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BANGGAI - The figure of a mother with a simple appearance, continued to smile when she welcomed the delegation of representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources who were present in Siuna Village, Pagimana District, Banggai District yesterday afternoon (Friday, 12/22). The heat of the sun and sweat sweat because of the heat of air does not make the mother stop smiling, her eyes twinkle implies happiness that is so deep. His name is Inlahai, a native of Siuna who daily farms and manages  tea gardens with her husband. They are one of the families that receive Energy Saving Solar Lamps (LTSHE) in 2018.


For her, the existence of the lights provided by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in the form of Energy Saving Solar Lamps (LTSHE) is a blessing dreamed of long ago.


"Children are happy. Before there were lights, we used oil lamps. We forced children to study, because of school. But since there were lights, they could learn to use lights. Learning can be longer and more enjoyable. As a mother I am very happy with all this, "continued Inlahai.


She also said that with the presence of Energy Saving Solar Lamps (LTSHE), it can now cook and manage homes better at night. "We use Energy Saving Solar Lamps (LTSHE)  in the house. For cooking and there for the room. To be bright. Only night is used. If the day is turn off, "she said.


Siuna Village is one of the villages receiving Energy Saving Solar Lamps (LTSHE) for Banggai District in 2018. The total allocation for the installation of Energy Saving Solar Lamps (LTSHE)  in Banggai District is 230 units and has been fully installed, with Siuna Village receiving 36 units. While other villages, namely Lokait 35 units, Sampaka 70 units, Lembah Valley Prosperous 71 units, and Tompotika Valley Village 18 units.


"The Energy Saving Solar Lamps (LTSHE)  installation program is a manifestation of the Government Program, Nawacita at this time. In Nawacita, it is said that building Indonesia from the periphery by strengthening the regions and villages in the framework of Indonesian unity," said Syamsir Abduh, the leader of member  ESDM.


Syamsir hopes that the Regency Government's active role in continuing to propose areas that are still unreachable by electricity and Siuna Village residents can treat Energy Saving Solar Lamps (LTSHE)  that has been installed properly so that it can be used for a long time.


On the same occasion, Member of the House of Representatives Commission VII, Ahmad H. M. Ali revealed that the electricity problem in Central Sulawesi was still felt so far. Therefore the presence of Energy Saving Solar Lamps (LTSHE)  is one form of hope that has been delayed for so long and give a proof to the people of Central Sulawesi that the Government is present to serve the interests of the community. In line with Syamsir, Ali also encouraged the Energy Saving Solar Lamps (LTSHE)  recipient community to take care and maintain for the full responsibility of the Energy Saving Solar Lamps (LTSHE)  that had been given.


"Because this is a public interest, I beg the District Head to be able to coordinate. Individual responsibility cannot be given to take care of this," said Ali.


"On behalf of the people of Central Sulawesi, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the government of President Joko Widodo for answering the hopes of the people that since the Indonesian were just enlightened. I hope that the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources will continue to improve, multiply, and distributed so that at a certain time, the people of Banggai Regency can evenly enjoy the availability of electricity in the rurals, "concluded Ali. (sk)