Village Head V, Embong Ijuk, Bengkulu: Because of Energy- Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE), Our Dream are Reached for Proper Lighting Monday, January 7, 2019

  • 2019.01.08 Tuesday
  • 17:36


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Kepahiang - Energy-Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) which is distributed to the community of Embong Ijuk Village, does not only provide illumination at night so as to facilitate community creativity, but more than that realize their dreams to have proper lighting.


"Thank God for this help (read: LTSHE), the house is bright. More special, I as a parent can see children actively learning. Can read, write at night," said happily Hamlet Head V Village Embong Ijuk, Kepahiang Regency, Bengkulu Province, Irham Haris when met by a team of the Directorate General of New Energy, Renewable and Energy Conservation (DG EBTKE) on Sunday (6/1).


Haris said that Hamlet V was very poorly lit, there was no electricity because the PLN electricity poles had not yet reached the village. "In the past, we lacked activities such as children studying at night. Very limited. Because of the lighting conditions or lights. We still use lamps made of axis and cans filled with oil. When we die, our house is pitch black. Sometimes I forget to buy oil "So the activity at night is hampered," he recalls.


Since there was an LTSHE program from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), it tried to propose an application in 2016 and was granted in 2018. Representing the community, Haris thanked for this assistance, for participation from the government from the center to the village government . "Luckily for us, because this assistance is very limited, there are some in this village who have not received the help of this lamp," he said.


"Before we got the lights, we used canned lights filled with stove axes and lamp oil. The monthly cost to use the lamp was around 72,000 for 6 liters of oil. Since the assistance of LTSHE, we feel free from daily expenses. We thank you to the Director General of EBTKE, the central government as well as the village. Thanks to government assistance and community support, we have achieved our faith in having adequate information, "added Haris.


Embong Ijuk Village is one of the villages in Kepahiang District that received the allocation of LTSHE installations in 2018, which is 111 units. For Kepahiang District as a whole get 1,238 LTSHE units spread across 8 villages in 2 sub-districts, namely Kota Agung Village, Embong Jiuk, Embong Sido, Talang Sawah and Sosokan Cinta Mandi in the Bermani Ilir District and Sosokan Taba Village, Talang Tige, and Sosokan Baru in Muara Kemumu District.


The government hopes that this LTSHE can be of wider use in supporting community activities and not being traded. "For this story, hopefully in the future, it will be useful for children to learn, and this can be adjusted: bright, half bright, and rather dim. The bulb can be released to be a useful flashlight for those who want to go to recitation, family death visits , etc., "said ESDM Inspector General Akhmad Syakhroza when symbolically delivering the LTSHE to representatives of the Embong Ijuk Village community. "Please do not sell.This is for households.This lamp can be on for 6 hours. So as the name implies" saving energy. "Our warranty is 3-year. If damaged we replace it, if loose, it won't, "Syahroza said.


Syahroza also revealed that half of the State Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources's APBN (State Budget) was indeed allocated to the interests of the people of Indonesia in various forms, one of which was LTSHE. The LTSHE installation program cannot yet serve the needs of all regions in Indonesia. However, the Government will continue to try to fulfill the shortcomings that still exist in stages in the next few years.


"We are waiting for a proposal. Don't forget when sending a request, copy it to the Inspector General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. The process is fast . Do not to be afraid of checking, all of which we prepare for accountability," he concluded. (sk)