Street Public Lighting (PJU-TS) Supports Lighting in Banyumas Regency Thursday, January 10, 2019

  • 2019.01.11 Friday
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Banyumas - A total of 50 Solar Street Public Lighting (PJU-TS) units were built on the main road in Banyumas Regency in 2018 by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to support lighting activities and traffic at night.


"The construction of Street Public Lighting (PJU-TS) in the Banyumas Regency is very important, because the length of the roads in our district  are almost  850 km. The district roads that we manage are not all facilitated by public information including urban and rural areas and sub-district," said the Banyumas Regent represented by the Economic Assistant and Development of Banyumas Regency, Didi Rudwianto at the Inauguration of PJU-TS and Drilling Well in Banyumas Regency (Wednesday, 9/1).


Didi revealed that the road that had not been facilitated by public lighting included roads that were prone to accidents, inclined bends, and bridges. In addition, there are still many rural roads that have light at night.

In 2018, the Street Public Lighting (PJU-TS) program targeted 25 provinces with a total distribution of 21,789 points. The government recognizes that not all community needs for information can be met because of budget constraints.

"Indeed, nationally, thousands of villages need it, but our budget allocation is also limited. But next year we will add about 1,000 units of light," said Head of ESDM Research and Development Agency, F. X. Sutijastoto when symbolically delivering Street Public Lighting (PJU-TS)  at the same event.


"Now for Banyumas Regency, we can make a request to get an allocation for next year, we will be ready to help meet the needs of the community," he continued. Through this event, Sutijastoto added, it is an opportunity for the Government to be able to interact directly with the community so that they also directly know the needs of the community.

On this occasion Sutijastoto also expressed his appreciation for the cooperation of all parties in the construction of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources infrastructure and hoped that the facilities that had been submitted to be maintained so that their utilization could be optimized.(sk)