Riau Community Now Enjoy Public Lighting Solar-Based Monday, February 25, 2019

  • 2019.02.26 Tuesday
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INDRAGIRI HULU - The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) through the Directorate General of New Energy, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (Directorate General of EBTKE) has again submitted the Public Street Lighting- Solar Power (PJU-TS) to the people of Riau. Last week (23/2) the Directorate General of EBTKE handed over 208 units of PJU-TS in Riau Province, total 208 units, of which 183 units of PJU-TS were symbolically handed over by the Director General of Mineral and Coal to Pelelawan District Government (Thursday, 21 / 2) and 50 units of PJU-TS were symbolically submitted by the Inspector 2 of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to the Indragiri Hulu Regency Government (Saturday, 23/2).



On this occasion, Director General of Mineral and Coal, Bambang Gatot Ariyono, asserted that the construction or installation of the PJU-TS is a manifestation of the commitment of the ESDM Ministry and the Regional Government to jointly implement a program of activities that benefit the community. And this symbolic handed over, added Inspector 2, Sahid Junaidi is an effort of the Government to ensure and oversee the National Budget mandated by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources which has been implemented in the form of social facilities and infrastructure that can be utilized directly by the community.





For the Pelelawan community, the presence of PJU-TS provides a sense of calm in carrying out worship and providing information for other activities at night because PLN lights often off. "Before there was a PJU-TS at the intersection for example, where the children of reciting the Al- Quran and the place of worship were in dark condition. Moreover, PLN electricity here often down off at night, even if the rain conditions more often. And also, for activities here at night days are increasing, for example those who has business sell are usually closed at 7pm now after there was a light, they will be closed at 10pm. The livelihood here is mostly oil palm farmers because here 100% of transmigrants from Java and local, "said Secretary of the Village of Beringin Makmur, Pelelawan, Bambang Sukoco .

"After installing this PJU, Alhamdulillah our society was helped, especially now that the street lighting from PLN has been cut off by PLN, I also say many thanks to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Alhamdulillah has helped us and also today from the Central Ministry in Jakarta directly down to the village. We feel grateful that thankfully that this remote village, even the road that is passed through by the dry season, is dusty and when the rain comes muddy, "added the Head of Bukit Lingkar Village, Sumiarso Siman with sparkling eyes. The symbolic handed over of PJU-TS to the two districts completed the submission of the Riau Province PJU-TS as a whole. In 2018, the PJU-TS program is targeted to be implemented in 26 provinces, with the number of PJU-TS as many as 21,839 points and for Riau Province to get an allocation of 1,034 PJU-TS installations.

In addition to Pelelawan and Indragiri Hulu Regencies, recipient districts allocated to PJU-TS in Riau Province are Kampar (60 points), Kuansing (66 points), Kuantan Senggigi (39 points), Indragiri Hilir (48 points), Dumai City (4 points), Rokan Hulu (187 points), Meranti (100 points), Pekan Baru (59 points), Siak (203 points), and Rokan Hilir (35 points).

The construction of this PJU-TS is an effort of the Government to provide street lighting that uses sunlight as a source of electrical energy, so that it becomes a solution to be used on roads in areas that have not been reached by PLN electricity or in areas that have been PLN, but want reduce the electricity consumption of the area. (sk)














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