First Electric Taxi in Indonesia Launched, Jonan: Lower Emissions and Smaller Pollution Monday, April 22, 2019

  • 2019.04.23 Tuesday
  • 18:26

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NUMBER: 305.Pers / 04 / SJI / 2019
Date: April 22, 2019

First Electric Taxi in Indonesia Launched, Jonan: Lower Emissions and Smaller Pollution

Along with the Earth Day Commemoration which falls on April 22nd, PT Blue Bird Tbk (BIRD) officially launched an electric taxi or e-Taxi. For the initial stage, Blue Bird uses 25 BYD manufacturing units and 5 Tesla units in the Bluebird and Silvebird range of products which will be increased to 200 electric cars by 2020.


Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Ignasius Jonan appreciated this effort, because according to Jonan this effort is in line with the Government's efforts to diversify energy with energy that is more environmentally friendly.

"We congratulate PT Blue Bird for pioneering the use of taxis with 100% electric vehicles (fuel e-charging). We strongly support the efforts made by PT Blue Bird and I think other Ministries, including the Ministry of Environment, also support this, because "This car emits lower emissions and less pollution," said Jonan, in Jakarta, Monday (24/4).

To support this electric car, PLN will build a public electricity charging station (SPLU) in various locations. In the meantime PLN has built around 1,600 SPLUs. This year, a minimum of 2,000 SPLU will be built, especially in the Jabodetabek area.

Jonan added, to speed up the process of charging electric taxis, it could request PLN's assistance to build a SPLU of 40 KV, which can be charged quickly at around 25 minutes per car. This will greatly help in the process of charging an electric taxi battery owned.
Furthermore Jonan suggested that the electricity costs incurred for electric taxis be cheaper, taxis can charging at a time when PT PLN provides discounts, the purpose of which is that charging costs become cheaper.

"Charging the electric taxi between 22:00 - 06:00 WIB, where at that time PT PLN had a program to give customers discounts on electricity costs of up to 30%. With discounts given by PLN, the cost of electricity released was cheaper. So the price of the car is rather expensive, but the energy costs are cheaper, which is around Rp. 1,000 per watt or around 40% of the premium price, "suggested Jonan.



While Director of PT Blue Bird, Tbk, Adrianto Djokosoetono said, the procurement of electric taxis was also the direction of the ESDM Minister, Ignasius Jonan. The procurement of electric taxis is a real step to support environmental preservation, the operation of electric-powered cars will also provide added value in relation to the national energy mix and resilience program, fuel use and subsidy reduction programs, and the government's gas emission reduction program.

"More than two years ago ESDM Minister Ignasius Jonan conveyed to me what taxi companies could do to help reduce emissions, at that time there were incessant electric cars. Not long after a while the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya also said the same thing about "After that, we will face various institutions to make plans, that we realize today on Earth Day," Adrianto said.

With the planned operation of 200 electric cars up to 2020, Adrianto continued, it would eliminate 434,095 kg of CO2 emissions or 1,898,182 liters of fuel consumption; and the addition of 2,000 units of electric cars in the period 2020 - 2025 will eliminate 21,704,760 kg of C02 emissions or equivalent to fuel consumption of 94,909,091 liters. (sk)

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