East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Electrification Ratio Continues to be Speeded Up

  • 2019.05.15 Wednesday
  • 17:20

The government continues to make efforts to increase the electrification ratio in the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) through the acceleration of electricity infrastructure projects and free electricity connections.

"The government continues to encourage the supply of electricity to areas where the electrification ratio is still low. We want all (communities) from Sabang to Merauke to feel electricity, and more importantly, the price is affordable," said the Head of Communications, Public Information Services and Cooperation The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Agung Pribadi in Jakarta, Tuesday (14/5).
The government noted that NTT's Electrification Ratio as of March 2019 was 71%. Through these efforts targeted at the end of 2019, NTT's electrification ratio can reach 90%.

For PLN's free electricity connection program, the target is poor and can’t afford households. "There are 11 thousand family heads (KK) who will receive a free electricity connection program in NTT," Agung said.
In realizing the free electricity connection program, the biggest obstacle is the unavailability of low voltage networks for all households. Even so, PLN remains optimistic that the connection of 11 thousand households in NTT can be realized by the end of 2019 due to plans to add new infrastructure in the form of a Medium and Low Voltage Network complete with Distribution Transformers.

"This step needs to be taken considering that some of the residents who will get a free connection are not yet available for the electricity network," said Djoko R. Abumanan, the Business Director of the East Java Regional Electricity Bali, Bali, in an official statement from PLN.

He said, the supporting infrastructure of the electricity system in NTT continued to be accelerated by the construction of 70 kV Ruteng - Bajawa High Voltage Air Channels. The existence of this SUTT will strengthen and expand the reach of interconnection systems in the NTT region. The transmission will pass through several districts including: East Manggarai (Bojong) - Nagekeo, Ende (Kampung Ropa), Maumere, Wairita and Larantuka District.

Despite the many constraints faced in its development, considering that most of the contours of the area are islands, mountains, and some villages are located on hill slopes, making it difficult to access material projects, PLN remains optimistic that the SUTT 70 kV development on the Ruteng - Ropa route can be completed the end of 2019. "For the short term in the third quarter, the Ruteng - Bejawa section can be operated," Djoko said.

The efforts made by the Government and the PLN are a tangible manifestation of equitable development of electricity networks to meet the electricity needs of the people of NTT, as well as a form of support for industrial development and tourism potential in the area. (sk)

Head of Communication Bureau, Public Information Services, and Cooperation

Agung Pribadi (08112213555)




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