Despite being Disturbed Weather, Fuel Supply Beginning 2018 was Normal Thursday, January 4, 2018

  • 2018.01.05 Friday
  • 18:05


JAKARTA - Distribution of Fuel Oil (BBM) in early 2018 is normal in the region in Indonesia, although there are some obstacles due to extreme weather that occurred in some areas. This was reported by the National Energy and Mineral Resources Sector (ESDM) post, Wednesday (3/1).

One of the extreme weather constraints is the supply to the Kalukku District Gas Fuel Station (Gas Station) of Mamuju Regency, West Sulawesi. Extreme weather and high sea waves make distributor ship was late arriving from Baubau. Although there was a queue of vehicles due to delays in supply, gas stations still serve consumers with Pertamax.


It was also reported that PT Pertamina (Persero) MOR VII had anticipated by conducting Premium distribution via Makassar Storage, Palopo Depot and Donggala Storage to keep stock of Premium fuel stock.


Nationally, the supply of fuel and LPG is still safe and normal. For example, stocks of Premium fuel types can be reached up to 33.97 days; Solar / Akrasol: 21.41 days; Pertalite: 21.15 days; Kerosene: 61.45 days; Pertamax / Acra92: 19,18 days; Pertamax Turbo: 36.81 days; Pertamina Dex: 21.98 days; Dexlite: 20.82 days; LPG: 17.52 days and Avtur: 27.47 days. In order to ensure safe supply of fuel and LPG, the ESDM Sector National Post Team went directly to some strategic areas.


Based on Magma Indonesia Application (, the activity status of Volcano 2 Volcano is still Notice status (Mount Agung and Sinabung), 18 volcanoes  Caution status  (Mount Ili Lewotolok, Banda Api, Dempo, Bromo , Rinjani, Lokon, soputan, Karangetang, Gamalama, Sangeangapi, Rokatenda, Marapi Dukono and Mount Kerinci), the remaining 49 Volcanoes with Normal Status.


Likewise, the condition of electricity, the overall capacity of the national supply is safely monitored with a capacity of 35,699.35 MW and peak night load per 3 January 2018 of 31,999.96 MW. So there is a national power reserve of 3,699.39 MW. (VG)