35,000 MW Program Roles in Supporting Industrial Growth Saturday, February 3, 2018

  • 2018.02.05 Monday
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EMR Communications Team

JAKARTA - The government programs to illuminate over the country continue to run, one of which is the 35,000 Mega Watt (MW) program that not only aims to meet electricity needs but also encourages the growth of domestic industry. The construction of the 35,000 MW plant has been agreed with details of 10,000 MW built by PLN and 25 MW by IPP.

"If we look at the progress of the 35,000 MW program progress, we are optimistic for subsequent years of substantial increase," explained Director General of Electricity, Andy Noorsaman Someng, in the presentation of Electricity Subsector's achievement last month in Jakarta.


What Andy said responded positively by energy observer Fahmi Radhi and Iwa Garniwa in a discussion at Cikini, Jakarta, on Thursday afternoon (1/2) in Jakarta. Also present in the discussion of National Energy Board Member, Tumiran. In particular, Fahmi Radhi questioned the realization of 35,000 MW as a necessity that must be met in supporting the growth of national industry.


"The 35 GW project should be realized as a requirement and for the industry to grow, because the industry will not grow, if there is no electricity, this commitment is needed so that the future of economic growth will not stuck, it can go up," Fahmi said.


Meanwhile, Iwa said that the need for energy for power generation needs to be managed properly, one of which is coal for Steam Power Plant (PLTU). "Electricity cannot be denied to be a strategic and irreversible product, (in operation), a 35,000 MW program that most coal-fired power plants will need at least 1.5 times more than now," Iwa said.


In order to support the acceleration of the 35,000 MW project, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) has made several efforts to create a healthy investment climate by issuing several regulations, namely: Minister Regulation of Energy and Mineral Resources No .10/2017 jo. : Minister Regulation of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 49/2017 on the Principles of Power Sale and Purchase Agreement; Minister Regulation of Energy and Mineral Resources No .19/2017 on Coal Utilization for Power Plant and Purchase of Excess Power; Minister Regulation of Energy and Mineral Resources No . 45/2017 on Utilization of Natural Gas for Power Generation; Minister Regulation of Energy and Mineral Resources No . 50/2017 on Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources for the Provision of Electric Power.


In addition to facilitate investment, the government also seeks to make electricity prices affordable. This effort is in line with the spirit of justice, that electricity can be enjoyed by all Indonesian people. The government will continue to strive to meet the availability of electricity to 10 thousand villages that lack electricity, through the distribution of electricity networks. In addition to 2,519 villages that have not yet available the power grid will be installed the Solar Energy Saving Lamp (LTSHE) which is targeted to be completed in 2018. (DEP / KA)





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