Now Asmat More Lighter with the Presence of 601 Units of Solar Lamps Thursday, February 8, 2018

  • 2018.02.09 Friday
  • 16:59



ASMAT - People in Asmat District, Papua Province can now enjoy the lighting at night thanks to the help of 601 units of lights (solar light) from PT PLN (Persero) Papua and West Papua (WP2B) for 4 districts in Asmat, Toga Island 200 units, Sawaerma 150 units, Joerat 101 units and Agats 150 units.

"We have just installed a solar lamp or a halen in one of the houses that cannot afford the electricity network," said General Manager of PLN WP2B (Papua and West Papua) Yohanes Sukrislismono after providing assistance to the community of Mbait village, Agats District, Thursday (8/2) .


Solar light from PLN is also a form of concern in the face of outbreaks that occur, so the nurses and the community can maximally work handling cases of measles, malnutrition and malaria in Asmat. Previously, Asmat residents used oil lamp and candles for lighting, just like the Waengapan (Maluku), Sori Tatanga (NTB) and some other areas that had no light at night.


The existence of 601 Solar Lamp worth approximately USD 780 million.This makes Asmat has 3 points solar-powered lighting. That way, people no longer need to use oil lamp as lighting at home.


The community immediately welcomed the Government's efforts in illuminating the unelected villages. Moreover, all this time they only get limited lighting. "Thanks to the Central Government and PLN which has provided information to the community in Asmat, we only use lamps, even if there is gasoline, otherwise we use candles", explained Meki Mbait as Head of RT(Neighborhood Association ) Mbait Village.


Based on data from the Directorate General of Information and Informatics of Ministry  energy and Mineral Resources  (2017), there are still 58 unelected villages in Asmat District. 40 villages will be powered by PLN and the remaining 18 villages are targeted for the installation of the Energy Saving Solar Lamp (LTSHE) of the Ministry of ESDM as a pre-electrification program. LTSHE will soon launch to Asmat District for 922 houses (1,179 HHs) in 14 villages, which is financing APBN( The Indonesian Budget)  2017.


Asmat District is located in the southern coast of Papua with an area of ​​29,658 km2 surrounded by swamps, mangrove forests and rivers on various sides. As the nickname, "The City of Thousand Boards", the Asmat is built on board neatly arranged. Between one house with another house connected by a board road about 1.5 to 2 meters, sturdy enough to pass two-wheeled vehicles. Gradually, the board road is now built into a concrete road.


Access to Asmat is very limited and difficult to reach. Aircraft only reaches to Timika airport (Capital of Mimika Regency). From Timika, there are only two options to Agats, the capital of Asmat district, by air or sea. The sea route takes 8 to 9 hours, while the air travel is taken in about 45 minutes with TwinOtter and Caravan aircraft with a capacity of 8-10 people to Ewer Airport. From there, the journey is continued by boat to Agats. The journey through the swamp and river takes about 30 minutes by boat. (IW / NA)





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