ESDM Rapid Response Team Evacuated Palu Earthquake Victims again Wednesday, October 3 2018

  • 2018.10.04 Thursday
  • 17:55


ESDM Communication Team



PALU - Continues to provide support for the recovery after the earthquake and tsunami in Palu and surrounding areas, the ESDM Ministry's Emergency Response Team (ERT) Team, today Wednesday (3/10) carried out several activities with the help of heavy equipment excavators and bulldozers.


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Fast Motion, ESDM Ministry Team and PLN Restore the Palu Electricity System Wednesday, October 3 2018

  • 2018.10.03 Wednesday
  • 17:12


ESDM Communication Team



DONGGALA - Led by the Director of Energy and Environmental Engineering of the Directorate General of Electricity at the ESDM Ministry, Munir Ahmad, team of the ESDM Ministry's Electricity Inspector and together with the PLN emergency response team, this morning, Wednesday (3/10) again carried out inspections of electricity installations and infrastructure repair efforts for recovery electricity supply at PLN Rayon Donggala, Central Sulawesi Province.


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Contracts Signed, Potential Savings of Deli Serdang Biomas Power Generation (PLTBm )Rp. 98 Billion per Year Thursday, September 27 2018

  • 2018.09.28 Friday
  • 17:41


ESDM Communication Team



DELI SERDANG - The Government's commitment to support new renewable energy is re-realized. Wednesday (26/9), in the village of Tanjung Selamat, Percut Sei Tuan District, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra, the signing of the Deli Serdang  Electric Power Sale and Purchase Agreement (PJBL) Biomass Power Plant(PLTBm) with a capacity of 1 x 9 was carried out. 9 MW between PT PLN (Persero) North Sumatra Region and PT Cipta Multi Listrik Nasional.


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The Potential of Indonesian Wind Power Development, The Following is the Location Distribution Monday, September 24 2018

  • 2018.09.27 Thursday
  • 20:08


ESDM Communication Team



JAKARTA - Optimism for achieving the utilization target of New Renewable Energy (EBT) is growing. This was marked by the construction of 1,725 ​​Mega Watts (MW) or 1.7 Giga Watt (GW) wind power or wind power projects in various parts of Indonesia.


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The 7th International Workshop on Collapsed Calderas Officially Opened Sunday, September 23 2018

  • 2018.09.25 Tuesday
  • 12:47


ESDM Communication Team



SAMOSIR - Secretary of the Geological Agency of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Antonius Ratdomopurbo officially opened the 7th International Workshop on the Collapse of the Caldera, (The 7th International Workshop on Collapsed Calderas). Present at the event were Head of Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation, Kasbani, Regent of Samosir, Rapidin Simbolon, Vice President of the International Association on Volcanology and Chemistry of Earth Interior (IAVCEI) Prof. Shanaka de Silva and Secretary of IAVCEI Prof. Roberto Sulpizio.


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In front of students, Arcandra reiterates the Gross Split scheme is better Thursday, September 20 2018

  • 2018.09.21 Friday
  • 17:47


ESDM Communication Team



JAKARTA - "By using gross split, the government is not obliged to pay compensation to contractors, if you look at this, will the exploration development in Indonesia be reduced due to the absence of compensation to the contractor?" Such was the question from students addressed to the Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arcandra Tahar when Arcandra was the speaker at the 2018 Petroleum Incorporated Fair seminar at Trisakti University, Jakarta, Wednesday (19/9).


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The Directorate General of EBTKE and the Indonesian Navy Have Formed a Partnership, a Form of Synergy in the Use of Renewable Energy Thursday, September 20 2018

  • 2018.09.20 Thursday
  • 19:15

EBTKE Public Relations



JAKARTA - Director General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (Dirjen EBTKE) Rida Mulyana and Assistant Maritime Potential Head of Rear Admiral TNI Edi Sucipto, Tuesday (18/9) signed a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) on the Construction of Solar Power Plants (PLTS) . This PKS is one of the implementations of the MoU Memorandum of Understanding  and Indonesia National Army (TNI) signed by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Indonesia National Army (TNI)  Commander on July 14, 2017.


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Increase Per capita Electricity Consumption, Jonan Encourages Conversion to Vehicles and Electric Stoves Tuesday, September 18 2018

  • 2018.09.19 Wednesday
  • 17:49


ESDM Communication Team



SERPONG - Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ignasius Jonan said that the Government hopes for an increase in national per capita electricity consumption to 1,200 kilo watt hour (kWh) in 2019, along with an increasingly modern society. Until the first semester of 2018, the national per capita electricity consumption only reached around 1,050 kWh per capita.


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Oil and Gas Sector Still Surplus in State Balance Sheet Projections 2018 Monday, September 17 2018

  • 2018.09.18 Tuesday
  • 18:54


 ESDM Communication Team





             NUMBER: 0052.Pers / 04 / SJI / 2018

          Date: September 17, 2018


Oil and Gas Sector Still Surplus in State Balance Sheet Projections 2018

JAKARTA - The contribution of the energy and mineral resources (ESDM) sectors, especially oil and gas in the national economy shows positive trends. This can be seen from the projected state revenue that is greater than the subsidy in the ESDM sector.


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Operates in 82 Points, Fuel Oil (BBM) One Price Serves 272 Thousands of House Holds Saturday, September 15 2018

  • 2018.09.17 Monday
  • 17:42


ESDM Communication Team



JAKARTA - The loss of the price disparity of fuel oil (BBM) has now been felt by the majority of under develop, outermost and frontier (3T) people in Indonesia. Since inaugurated by the Government in 2017, the BBM One  Price program is estimated to have reached approximately 272,158 households (KK) which are spread evenly throughout Indonesia.


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